Personal Investment Accounts

We act as your Agent and help you with the management, record keeping, and safekeeping of your investments.  The Agency Accounts we offer include Custody and Investment Management accounts.  If you are interested, please contact our Trust Department.

The modern financial world offers widely varying opportunities and almost unlimited choices.  You're happy to have such a diversity of choices, but it certainly makes managing your assets complicated.  How can one person keep informed enough to stay on top of the fast changing pace of our investment environment?  You have a job, a family, a life to pursue.

The fact is that most people do not have the skill, resources, or time to assemble and analyze the mass of data necessary to develop a successful investment program.  As a trust institution, we understand the demands of investment supervision.  It's our business, and an investment account with the Trust Department of First State Bank & Trust may provide the answer to your investment needs.

An investment account is a rather simple, straightforward relationship in which you execute a brief agreement setting forth your instructions and arrange to have the assets you wish to invest delivered to us.  You continue to own your assets.  You can arrange your instructions whenever you wish.  And you're absolutely free to close your account if ever it ceases to meet your needs.

An investment account can be structured so that we provide as little or as much help as you want in managing your assets.  For those who enjoy handling their own investment decisions but lack the time or inclination to deal with the time-consuming administrative and record-keeping details we can provide complete custodial and safekeeping services.  Our investment management accounts provide those services, along with professional and current investment advice, or, if you prefer, full responsibility and management of your account.

Please note that Investments and Advisory Services are: 

Not FDIC Insured | Not Bank Guaranteed | Not a Deposit | Not Insured by any other Federal Government Agency | May Lose Value


To establish a custodial account with First State Bank & Trust, you simply enter into a custodial arrangement with us, and transfer to us possession of the securities in your investment portfolio, or the funds that you wish to invest.  While we secure physical possession of your assets, you retain complete ownership and control.  You make all investment decisions and remain free to withdraw securities and cash at any time.

We can provide the following services:

Safekeeping.  We provide physical protection for your stocks, bonds, and other investment documents.  They are safeguarded against loss by carelessness, fire, dishonesty or theft.  Yearly audits of the Trust Department and periodic examinations by governmental authorities provide added protection.

Transactions.  We ensure the prompt and accurate settlement of your securities transactions according to your decisions.

Collection of Income.  We collect all income from your investments and remit or reinvest the income as you direct.  We handle the technical details of stock splits, stock rights, and called bonds, and keep you fully informed of all developments affecting your holdings.

Record Keeping.  We employ the latest technology in keeping complete, up-to-date records and supply you with full, accurate accountings, including all information you will need for tax purposes.



With an investment management account, we provide all of the custodial and safekeeping services described above.  In addition, we meet with you to develop and carry through an investment strategy designed to meet your objectives.

How much authority you give to our investment officers to act on your behalf, though, is entirely up to you.  You may wish to deposit your securities and other investments with us and give us full discretionary power to buy and sell assets in your name.  Or you may merely want us to make investment recommendations.  In either event, we act only with your goals and requirements in mind, and you benefit from investment supervision that is informed, unbiased and personalized.